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Sometimes the Best Destination is Home

Journey Health is a team of highly skilled healthcare professionals dedicated to keeping families together during their most vulnerable moments by treating patients’ medical needs in the comfort of the home

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Directed Care

Care at home improves access to care and needed resources for patients and families


Increased Patient & Family Engagement

Nearly 90% of patients satisfied with care at home and would recommend to family and friends


Improved Clinical Outcomes

Care at home decreases ER utilization and reduces readmissions and length of stay 

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Journey Health leverages emerging technologies and digital solutions to shift care from traditional settings and improve access for the most vulnerable patients and communities

Journey Health is anchored by four pillars:
Clinical Expertise, Operational Excellence, Patient and Family Engagement, and Tactical Innovation


Who We Are

We are clinicians and operators driven to deliver high quality and accessible care 


What We Do

We provide a full range of healthcare services in the comfort of the home


How It Works

Digitally enabled, clinician-led teams delivering coordinated care tailored for each patient

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2323 Broadway. Oakland, CA 94612 | 800-674-7967 

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